Report on TRAFIG Survey data

Segnaliamo il working paper FIERI scritto da Tommaso Frattini (Università di Milano e centro studi Luca D’Agliano), Irene Solmone (centro studi Luca D’Agliano ) in collaborazione con Ferruccio Pastore basato sui risultati della survey realizzata nell’ambito del progetto TRAFIG.


In this report we provide an in-depth analysis of part of the interviews conducted with 600 migrants in “situation of protracted displacement” in Greece and Italy within the framework of the TRAFIG (Transnational Figurations of Displacement) research project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme under grant No. 822453 (

We first provide an overview of the key characteristics of the interviewees in Greece and Italy in terms of: demographic characteristics, migration experience, socio-economic outcomes in the destination country. This analysis shows that there exist immense differences between the characteristics of the population in protracted displacement living in these two countries. We then assess – through multivariate regression analysis – the extent to which individual characteristics of migrants are correlated with their outcomes in the host country. Results show that the most important factors associated with measures of “integration” or “success” in the host country, even when accounting for all other characteristics, are the region of origin and (consequently) migration history.

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