Milena Belloni


Milena Belloni is a researcher at the Flemish Research Foundation (FWO). She collaborates with
the Centre for Migration and Intercultural Studies of the University of Antwerp and the Human
Rights Research Centre of the University of Gent. She is part of the FIERI team working on the
H2020 TRAFIG project. Her research interests concern refugees’ migration dynamics, transnational
refugee families, protracted displacement, and ethnographic methods. She published in
international peer reviewed journals, such as the Journal of Refugee Studies, the Journal of
Immigrant and Refugee Studies, and the International Journal of Comparative Sociology. Her book,
The Big Gamble: The Migration of Eritreans to Europe, is published by the University of California
Press (2019). 


Articles in peer-reviewed academic journals:

  • Belloni M. (2019), Family project or individual choice? Exploring migration of underage Eritreans, Special issue of the Journal of Migration and Ethnic Studies on unaccompanied minors, edited by Lems A. and Strasse S.
  • Belloni, M. (2019) When the phone stops ringing: on the meanings and causes of disruptions in transnational communication between Eritrean refugees and their families back home, in Global Networks
  • Belloni, M. (2018), Refugees and citizens: understanding Eritrean refugees’ ambivalence towards homeland politics, in International Journal of Comparative Sociology.
  • Belloni, M. (2016), Refugees as gamblers: Eritreans migrating through Italy, Journal of Immigrant and Refugee Studies, 14 (1), 104-119.