Migrant Consumption of Cultural Goods: hypotheses and evidence. Torino, 4 giugno.

Siamo lieti di segnalarvi il seminario “Migrant Consumption of Cultural Goods: hypotheses and evidence” organizzato nell’ambito del Jean Monnet Module “Migration in Europe: data, models and policies” che si terrà il 4 giugno presso la Sala lauree Blu (piano terra) del Campus Luigi Einuadi (Lungo Dora Siena,100 – Torino).

Migration has become in the last decades one of the most overarching phenomenon at the global level and immigrant population accounts today more than 10 percent of total population in several advanced countries (United Nations, 2016). At the same time, cultural consumption and arts participation are increasingly recognized in cultural policy circles as means of reducing social exclusion and poverty, which in many cases involve immigrant communities. The interest at policy level has not been compensated by an adequate debate upon the potential effects of cultural consumption migrants’ socio-economic integration. In particular, there is a substantial lack of evidence on immigrants’ patterns of cultural consumption, their tastes and preferences for cultural goods of the destination country, and the way cultural preferences and cultural consumption are associated with the socio-economic integration process.
The objective of this workshop is to start to fill this gap by discussing about the drivers of migrants’ cultural consumption with scholars and institutions’ representatives who develop cultural projects as instrument of inclusion of migrants.

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