Guido Tintori

Researcher associate

Guido Tintori is Policy Analyst at the Joint Research Centre, European Commission, Demography, Migration and Governance Unit. He is Country expert for Italy of the Global Citizenship Observatory of the European University Institute.
Guido holds a Ph.D. in History of the European Institutions and Society (State University of Milan and J.F.K Institut für Nordamerikastudien,  Freie Universität, Berlin) and a Post-Doc in Politics (New York University). He worked and taught at the University of Leiden, New York University, European University Institute, Collegio Carlo Alberto, University of Oxford. He was awarded the Marie Curie Fellowship (2013) and Fulbright-Schuman Research Scholarship on EU Affairs and EU-US relations (2010).
His research interests focus on Comparative Politics, International political sociology, Citizenship and Nationalism studies, Migrant and minorities’ rights.



Guido Tintori è Policy Analyst presso il Joint Research Centre della Commissione europea, nella
unità Demography, Migration and Governance. E’ referente per l’Italia del Global Citizenship Observatory presso l’Istituto universitario europeo di Fiesole.
Guido ha conseguito il dottorato di ricerca in Storia delle istituzioni e società europee (Università di Stato di Milano e J.F.K Institut für Nordamerikastudien, Freie Universität, Berlino) e un Post-Doc in Politics (New York University). Ha lavorato e insegnato presso l’Università di Leiden, New York University, European University Institute, Collegio Carlo Alberto, Università di Oxford. Ha ricevuto la Marie Curie Fellowship (2013) e la borsa di ricerca Fulbright-Schuman in affari europei e relazioni UE-USA (2010).
I suoi interessi di ricerca si concentrano su Politica comparata, Sociologia politica internazionale, Studi sulla cittadinanza e sul nazionalismo, Diritti dei migranti e delle minoranze.

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