“Exit Italy”? social and spatial (im)mobilities as conditions of protracted displacement

Segnaliamo l’articolo di Pietro Cingolani, Milena Belloni, Giuseppe Grimaldi e Emanuela Roman, realizzato nell’ambito del progetto Horizon2020 TRAFIG  ““Exit Italy”? social and spatial (im)mobilities as conditions of protracted displacement” e pubblicato sulla rivista Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies (DOI: 10.1080/1369183X.2022.2090159).


This article examines how the experience of protracted displacement interacts with mobility desires and practices of a diverse population of asylum-seekers, refugees and undocumented migrants in Italy. Drawing from ethnographic data collected in different Italian localities and among different nationalities, we focus on participants’ translocal connections, both as ways ‘out of limbo’ and as factors in protracted legal and socio-economic precariousness. We propose an interpretation of complex spatial mobilities to understand under what conditions spatial mobility translates into an improvement in the living conditions of migrants, producing upward socio-economic mobility, and under what conditions spatial mobility perpetuates marginality and isolation. Although translocal connections provide space for action, migrants risk being trapped in a loop of movements between different countries and different localities within Italy, without the possibility to achieve legal protection in any of these.

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